Protecting your skin is crucial all through the months of the year. However, you need to take extra care during those summer months when the heat is intense. It is strange that despite the dangers of ultra violet rays, some women still feel that they are immune to the sun, preferring to come up with wrong ways to safeguard their skin.

Wearing Sunscreen Won’t Give Me Enough Vitamin D

The sun is a super source of vitamin D. But you do need to burn yourself up in the sun to avoid a deficiency? The good news is that there are other sources of vitamin D.  We find this vitamin in fish, dairy products, liver and fortified cereals. There are also vitamin supplements that you can use as well.

Tanning Beds Are Safe

Some women are obsessed with their bronzed glow and feel if they avoid the sun; they will get a tanning bed. This is so wrong. The World Health Organization says a tanning bed is a dangerous source of cancer causing radiation. Another scary statistic is that people who use tanning beds are 3 times more likely to develop cancerous cells. If you are still bent on looking like a burnished bronze goodness take a safer option –wear a self-tanner.

SPF Not for Cloudy Days

The sun is more potent that you might realize. So when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, over 80 percent of adverse UV rays can still penetrate your skin. In addition, sand, snow and water increases the need to wear sunscreen because they reflect sun rays. Apply sunscreen all over your body where clothes do not cover, including your ears and hands. Wait 15 minutes before braving outdoors.

Sunscreen is Only for White People

There is a myth flying around that dark skin people can afford to bundle about in the sun without sunscreen. It is true that people with more melanin in their skin reduce their chances of getting skin cancer. However, lessening your chances is not the same as zeroing your chances. Cancer does not discriminate. Be wise!

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