Don’t Over Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a must if you want to have breezy and refreshing skin. It gets rid of dormant skin cells, unclogs pores and boosts circulation in the body. However, just like the saying goes, too much of everything can end up being bad. Do not exfoliate more than three times a week. When you overdo it, you leave the skin irritated, reddish and dry.

Going to Bed With Makeup On?

Have you ever gone to bed with makeup on? Be honest, you have done it at least once. Maybe you partied too hard or the kids were in a hyped-up overdrive and knocked out your sails. Whatever the case might be, it is not something you should turn into a habit because your skin will pay for it. Ensure that no matter how tired you get, you make out time to use a gentle cleanser to clean makeup and other impurities before bed. Add nighttime moisturizer and toner for good measure.

Leave the Blackheads Alone

Some skincare experts say it is alright to pick blackheads if you have clean hands and use an extractor. But we say no. Standing in front of the mirror and trying to pop those blackheads only increases the likelihood of you being left with scars. There is the little matter of being left with a stubborn infection that will allow bacteria plunge into the innermost layers of the skin. Prevention is better than cure. The best remedy for blackheads is to maintain a good skincare regimen and not give blackheads the chance to show up in the first place.

Living a Life Without Suncreen?

We understand that life is a rush and that time is of the essence. But do you really want to bundle out the door without wearing something to protect you from the harshness of the sun? Even when it looks like the weather is cloudy or you are indoors you still need to wear sunscreen. Studies show that ultraviolet rays are still capable of penetrating through clouds and windows to devastating effect. Avoid sun damage and escape the clutches of premature aging by using sunscreen regularly.

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