We all want smaller doll- type pores sizes. There are 1000’s of pores on the human face and some stand out more than others. We need to keep our pores clean so that our face does not end up in a rut. Here are some ways that you can noticeably minimize your pore sizes.


Toners steer the skin away from oil buildups and residue. A toner comprising of lactic and glycolic acids gets rid of impurities and helps preps the skin for the next step in your skin care routine. Litmus Test comprises of these two vital acids. It helps with cell regeneration and effectively cleans up the skin which makes pores appear smaller.

DD Cream

Another smart way to whittle down the appearance of your pores is to use a DD color correcting cream. This cream type not only minimizes the size of your pores, it also helps to strengthen the skin. DD creams refine the skin without the shiny look. The DD Cream SPF 30 illuminates and firms up skin leaving it looking healthy and gorgeous.

Glycolic Acid Peel

A glycolic peel is capable of fighting acne, removing blackheads, smoothing out abrasive skin and balancing skin tone. It also works well for people with enlarged pores. The strength of the glycolic acid peel stems anywhere from 30 percent to 75 percent. Physical Chemistry removes residues caused by acne or extended pores by smoothing out and refining the surface of the skin.

A Pore Minimizer

There is really no way to physically shrink enlarged pores. However, you can minimize their appearance by making sure they are clean and free of dirt. One way to do this is to use a pore minimizer comprising of azelaic acid, glycolic acid, green tea and willow bark extract.

Azelaic acid stop pores from clogging up and keeps a tight lid on acne breakouts. Glycolic acid keep pores clean and exfoliates the skin. The antioxidants present in green tea, fight free radicals responsible for aging skin. Willow bark extract prevent skin inflammation. Picture Porefect contain all these ingredients and tightens skin pores within minutes leaving you with truly a porefect appearance.

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