For different reasons kids find it difficult to wear sunscreen without supervision. Sometimes they are so eager to go out and play that they forget. Other times, they simply think it is “uncool” sunscreen and think it is only what adults should be bothered about. But with skin cancer cases astronomically high, it has become crucial for parents to enforce sunscreen protection for their children. Here are some really cool ways to convince your kids to wear sunscreen frequently.

Set an Example

It is an open secret that kids take cues from their parents. So set a good example for them to follow. Wear your sunscreen and let them see you doing it. Phtodynamic Therapy 3-in-1 facial lotion with broad spectrum SPF 30 comes with our blessings. This sunscreen protects and hydrates adult skin leaving it taut and firm with only a few lines and wrinkles in sight. Show your kids as well that besides wearing a super sunscreen lotion, they need to wear protective clothing and even SPF makeup if they are of gender and age. An unprotected child stands the risk of cancerous skin damage. As a parent, do whatever it takes to win the war.

Reward Your Kids

Kids love being rewarded for good behavior. So whenever they wear their sunscreen, appreciate them for it. Take them out to the movies, give them extra pocket money or take them out shopping. During the summer vacation, you can surprise them with something they have been wishing for all year.

Children Want to Have Fun

Despite the funny name, Ain’t Misbehavin’ Skin Clarifying & Mattifying Sunscreen Broad Spectrum spf 30 PA+++ is an ideal formula for kids. This sunscreen works well with combination complexions, calms down irritated skin and soaks up excessive oils. Some sunscreens are associated with potent and greasy odors. This one is different. It comes with color changing combinations which help kids make fun choices, wear it evenly and share with friends.

Talk About the Dangers

Tell your kids about the dangers of not wearing sunscreen. Let them realize the perils of going outdoors (and even indoors) without wearing it. Break it down for them and carefully explain the risks linked with sunburns. Shock therapy is good, but do not scare them off their seats. The underlying message should be that it only takes a few minutes to apply, but it does so much in protecting them in the long haul.

Some teens might require a different approach to sunscreen. Most teens think tanning is cool. Make them realize that tanning at an early age deteriorates the skin. They might not find out soon enough, but by the time they are 30, people might be thinking they are closer to 50!  Tell them instead of staying out in the sun unprotected, there are self-tanners that can leave them with a fake glow.

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