Ever heard the saying that you are what you eat? It could not be truer. While taking care of your skin, it is not enough for you to consider only what you do on the outside. Beauty also comes from the inside. So it makes loads of sense if eating the right foods spark from within because in no time, it will show up on the outside as well. Here are seven foods that will improve your skin appearance, leaving it radiant and healthy.


Carrots are great source of vitamin A. Vitamin A contains carotene and lycopene. These antioxidants protect the skin from ultra violet damage as well as skin cancer. Carrots are low in calories and can be eaten as a crunchy snack at any time of the day.


Fish is a healthy food. However, salmon is particularly healthy because it is enriched in omega fatty acids which work wonders for the skin. If you can eat three salmon servings a week, you will see a difference. Salmon helps girds you against inflammation and helps the skin with water retention. The essential oils that salmon contains fight off wrinkles, leaving the skin smoother and healthier.


Broccoli wards off dry skin and wrinkles. This valuable vegetable is decked in vitamin C, E and plenty of antioxidants. This enables the skin to remain elastically supple and smooth because collagen production is boosted. Broccoli also stamps out free radicals that are notorious for skin damage.

Brown Rice

Brown rice contains ceramides, an effective lipid molecule that helps the skin lock down moisture. Include half a cup of brown rice with your daily dinner and watch it combat skin dullness and dryness. This whole grain rice works like a beauty cream because it keeps the skin hydrated.

Olive Oil

Olive oil had been hailed for its skin and health benefits for ages. This super oil is enriched in monosaturated fat and an antioxidant known as polyphenol which  improves skin tone and texture. All you need do is include two tablespoons every day with your pasta or salads and watch it work.


Avocados contain plenty of vitamins and monosaturated fats. Eat this and watch your skin improve in smoothness, elasticity and water retention. Add two or three slices to a salad or sandwich to reap the full benefits.

Raspberries and Blueberries

These twin berries are popular for their natural antioxidant properties. They wage war on free radicals that age the skin. They also contain vitamin C which emboldens the capillaries to improve blood circulation. Blend these wonderful berries and make a smoothie. You can also snack on them throughout the day.

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