You probably already know that a pH imbalance is responsible for blackheads, skin dryness and acne breakouts. But can you exactly describe what it is? Do you know how to strike the perfect pH balance in order to prevent skin complications?

The pH level of the skin is attributed to how much acidity or alkalinity the skin contains. The levels are accessed on a scale of 0 to 14. 0 is regarded as the most acidic while 14 is considered as alkaline at its peak. For adult skin to strike the right pH balance it must be between 4 and 6.

Cleansers, lotions and cosmetic products with different pH levels throw the skin into disarray. A solution for this is to look for products that state they are “pH balanced.”  These types of products are simply stating that they will keep your skin inside the 4 to 6 pH safe zone. If you choose to go for any random product that pay no attention to their alkaline or acidic levels prepare for acne, dryness breakouts and an avalanche of skin irritations.

You need to get familiar with the acidic mantle. This mantle is a slim surface of skin comprising of perspiration and sebum. It offers a form of cover when your pH level is either too acidic or contains too much alkaline. Lastly, get your hands on the Litmus Test pH line of products for your skin beauty routine.

The Litmus Test Glycolic Acid Facial Cleansing Gel purifies and cleanses the skin by extracting impurities caused by too much oil, pollutants and makeup. Litmus Test also steers the skin clear of blackheads and acne.

On the other hand, use the Litmus Test Replenshing Toner with Glycolic and Lactic Acid to replenish your acid mantle. This awesome toner evens out unbalanced skin and leaves you with a radiating and vigorous complexion.

The Litmus Test pH Correcting and Renewing Glycolic Acid Facial Moisturizer soothes dry skin, encourages cellular turnover and reinvigorates healthy skin. It strikes the right pH balance for the skin.

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